Friday, February 18, 2011

Have Camera...Will Blog

Surprise!!!! Chatty bought me a camera for Christmas. I promised you that I would start doing more personalized blogs if someone in my family showed some sympathy and added a camera to their Christmas list for me. (I mean, it wasn't like I wasn't leaving strong hints to anyone that would listen. I think I even went outside the box. I grabbed a hold of I may have mentioned to Chatty's best friend that...., "Oh! How I wish I had a camera. I wonder if Santa will remember that I've been extremely good this year? Hmmmm?") But I must warn camera skills are a work in progress. Like all other modern devices I get my hands on, it'll take awhile before I'm able to produce even the most basic of novice pictures. Anything more advanced than point and click is way above my reach at this point. I'm afraid to try using some of the other functions on the contraption my new sleek beautiful camera. Mainly because I don't know where they are or what they are. The contraption  my new sleek beautiful camera came with instructions. Hello? You have to understand photography and machinery lingo to be able to understand or follow along with the instructions. I can tell you right now----That pretty well leaves me out!! The chart is pretty handy, though. It comes with pictures. I learned the difference between the front of the camera and the back of the camera. I'm pleased to announce this will spare all of you any close up pictures of my nose hairs. Probably after a year or two of constant use, I'll have that "AH-HA" moment and I'll be able to dazzle any 5 year old with my photography skills. But until then, the rest of you will have to bear with me.

Since I've been busy getting all of my 2010 End of Year and January 2011 paperwork caught up...  AND the weather has been just awful this winter, I haven't been able to take the contraption my new sleek beautiful camera on any blogging adventures. Plus, Chatty is usually my sidekick on these adventures. There's no hope there for awhile. She's still knee-deep in tax season. All she wants to do when she gets home from work is to change into sloppy clothes, turn off all phones, grab a cup of coffee and let her brain turn to mush. So until we're able to scoop some life back into her and it turns just gorgeous outside, I'm going to do a Walk-About.  Not the kind of Walk-About that John Locke wanted to do in the Outback. No-no! I'm going to do a Walk-About on the inside of my house. I've decided to try my photo cropping skills on mine and Chatty's decorating abilities. We're big on picking different themes for our displays. I'll show you more of what Chatty has on display in her room, because I'm still working on mine. Í just discovered that I LOVE Tuscany decor and colors. Who knew? So I'm in the process of changing everything over. Once our Bistro table is delivered and I have place settings added, I'll share those photos with you,too. I may even show you the WHOLE picture. Before I sound too high and mighty...or like I don't have a clue that the economy is struggling, let me tell you the little dining room table that is being replaced is over 17 years old. It was very cheap when we bought it and we raised and fed 4 active kids while using said table. And as you will see, the decor used in our displays are bargain basement items.

                             Eastern wall of Chatty's room. Yes, she inherited my love of coffee.

Wall going into Chatty's walk--in closet

On opposite wall going into her walk-in closet (Above What-Not Shelf in an upcoming picture)

                                                     Above the computer in her room

                                                                 Above her bed

Chatty's gift from work a couple of years ago. Everyone who knows her, KNOWS her love of music.

Part of Chatty's childhood toy box. She couldn't part with it. So she kept the top half, bought the bottom shelves and made it into a what-not shelf.

The beginnings of my Tuscan make-over in the living room

I just had to show this. These flowers were from my parents for Valentine's Day. I know..."AHHWWWW", right?

I added this above the mirror in my dining room

And that concludes the tour of my Walk-About. Crude, I know. But, hey! I'm a simple person! It doesn't take much to make me proud.
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