Monday, April 11, 2011

I Won't Give Up My Day Job.

I'm a very visual person. But I'm not a good photographer. Up until Christmas I didn't own my own camera. When personal pictures have been shown on my blog, it's because I plan a girls' day with my daughter Chatty. I would tell her ahead of time...."Save next Saturday afternoon for a girls' day. Bring your camera. I'm going to need pictures for my blog." We haven't done that for awhile. So I've had to "borrow" pictures from the internet to spice up some of my stories. I was given a camera for Christmas. But I always forget to take it with me. OR I'll take it with me on special ocassions, but forget to take it out of the car or out of my purse while the function is in full swing. Somewhere between the place of action and home, it dawns on me that I didn't take any pictures. 

Well, this past Saturday you all would have been so proud of me. Chatty was Maid of Honor in the wedding of a young woman that she attended grade school with. Yes, I remembered to take my camera. Thank you very much. I'll just wait here and bask in all of the praise that I know you all are giving me. I appreciate all of your admiration. I know, I know....I am so wonderful. But hold the applause.....Just because I took the camera, doesn't mean I took great pictures!!!

Oh, I remembered the camera while the wedding was in progress. It was a gorgeous church. A beautiful ceremony. The wedding party looked great. Nobody puked or passed out. The problem??? I have never had a camera at such a special event, so I was camera shy. I mean, when is it proper or allowed for anyone other than the photographer to take pictures? I just knew about the time the flash from my camera would explode would be the exact moment the photographer and the bride had set to get that planned "perfect---never again moment" captured for future generations on film. So my camera stayed holstered and in my purse.

My next chance came when the wedding party was receiving guests. Did I get a lot of great pictures? NOPE! Not one. I was too busy visiting with everyone. If it's any conscellation, the weather outside was lovely. But you'll have to take my word for it because there are no pictures to prove it.

My next opportunity to redeem myself as a great photographer came at the reception. almost didn't happen. However, halfway through I remembered to take pictures. Ta-dah!!! Happy dance, happy dance. Don't get too excited. I...uh....uh... well, I'll just show you~~~~

 Isn't this just lovely? Why would I decide to take this picture? Most of the wedding party was elsewhere. But doesn't Chatty look lovely? I'm trying to make lemonade here with me!!!

 I didn't get the bride tossing the bouquet. But notice Chatty standing in the back? She's in no hurry to get married. Well, I guess she needs a special fellow to come into her life before she starts standing in front of these kinds of lines.

Wait!!! Hold the bus!!! This one is not my fault. This has nothing to do with my timing or my photography skills. This is ALL Chatty!! While she and her dad love each other dearly, they do not have an ooey, gooey kind of relationship. They have more a punch each other on the shoulder, sarcastic kind of relationship. They understand it and they are comfortable with it.  I insisted that they share a Father/Daughter dance together. They humored me and danced one (count it slow dance. When the song was over, Chatty said, "That was weird." And as you can see, she made sure I captured it on film for all of our future generations to see. Can you feel the love?