Monday, July 30, 2012

Going for the Gold

When Mr. Chat and Chatty are home from work, they are avid watchers of the Olympics. They like all of the sports. It's sort of a father/daughter bonding time. I'm not that dedicated. Oh sure. As I'm passing through the living room on my way to the computer, I may sit down and watch a segment. I spot the USA competitors and keep a watchful eye on them. I may even do a fist-pump up in the air and say, "GO Team USA!" But then I'm up and moving on to other projects.

Yesterday, Mr. Chat had to leave for work early in the afternoon. As I made my usual pass through the living room, there sat Chatty and the two dogs----all alone---watching the Olympics. How pitiful is that??? We all know that the Olympics is at least a two person spectator sport. Otherwise, there is one person in a room talking to and cheering at a TV screen. That seems a little unbalanced to me. To save my only daughter from looking like she was needing to be fitted for one of those fancy, white jackets; I sat down and watched the girls gymnastics and the male swimming competition.

Of course, gymnastics is my favorite Summer Olympic sport. But as I mentioned above, I root for the USA as a whole team. Yesterday, I gained a whole new perspective and appreciation for the event. I listened as the commentator gave a little background history on each competitor. I realized how much personal sacrifice each team member and their families have made and invested to advance to the Olympics. Suddenly, I was not just rooting for my country. I was rooting for an individual who earned the right to be there. At that moment, I felt like I was rooting for a young person from my hometown, my neighborhood or a young person who went to school with Chatty. Now I get it!!

That being said: there was a portion of the show that was thoroughly entertaining to me.  As a parent, I completely understand the emotions that these parents exhibited.  I'm sure this will be showed  many, many times. And depending on who will be showing it, there will be different spins, opinions and remarks. I'm sure David Letterman, or someone like him, will say something sort of humiliating about these people. But I, for one, found it to be upliftin

As far as the swim team. It was what it was. I don't know. All I kept thinking during their performance was I needed to call my mom and see if she could make a quick trip to England. She could teach those boys a thing or two about pulling up their drawers!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chat Projects

A lot of things have been going on in the Chat House the year of 2012. I've been going "antiquing", web-surfing and browsing trying to finish my kitchen coffee displays. Chatty is re-doing the basement. She's making it more entertainment friendly. We've painted the deck. Mr. Chat finished the patio. I finally cleaned out my closets and dresser drawers. Mr. Chat just finished putting faux stone around the bar in the kitchen. I call it a bar for lack of a better name. It's a thing that sticks out from the wall at the end of our cabinet. We eat at it some times. I think it's too small to qualify as a bar. If I call it a bar, it makes it sound all fancy-schmancy. Which it's not. But calling it that "sticky-outie thing" sounds tacky. So until I can figure out the proper name for it, you'll have to put up with the bar reference. (Remember those last statements when we're finished and pictures are posted. You were forewarned. I did not mislead you).

This next week, if I get motivated enough, I want to paint the banisters on the front porch. We'll see. It takes me awhile to get started. Once I start, it doesn't take long. But I've noticed this year, ....if I take a break, it might be a week or two before I get back on the job. (Note to self:  NO BREAKS ALLOWED!!!!)

I guess my post is missing visual aids, huh? Our projects are far from being finished. But what is a story without pictures? I know! Let me introduce you to Chatty and some of what she's doing.

This is my daughter, Chatty

One of the walls displays Chatty is working on in the basement.

A start of another basement wall display.

Chatty found this table at an antique store for $5.00. She stained it. She bought a very cheap lamp at Wal-Mart, added material, buttons and lace. She glued sticks to an old coffee can, tied string around it and stuck some artificial flowers in them. I purchased the doily several months ago. All-in-all, this display probably cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20.00 (more or less). the subject...Not a project. This is Chatty's purse and shoes. Just another dimension of her personality.

That concludes my Sunday update. I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday!!!!