Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snow Shoes

 Rewind: two weeks ago.

We had about 13 inches of snow and ice on the ground. A few days later we had a small thaw. The roads and driveways were completely snow & ice free. I was running late for work that morning so I had to hurry. I had chosen a dark brown long sleeved turtleneck blouse with a beige sleeveless pull-over and a pair of tan Khaki dress pants to wear that morning. I accessorized with gold jewelry. When I was in the bathroom doing my hair, I was stressing out because I really needed to be leaving...but I still needed to make my bed. I also had to set up a place in the basement for the dogs to stay while I was at work. (We have 2 small dogs. I leave the dogs in the basement when there is no one here. We don't let them have full run of the basement. We block off an area for them. But don't feel too awfully sorry for them, we leave the TV on for them. LOL!) ANYWAY.... after I had completed all of those tasks....I was ready to leave for work. I just had to put on my shoes and coat ..and I was out the door...or so I thought. That day, it occurred to me that I don't own a brown pair of winter shoes. I have brown, tan, and beige...sandals, strapped shoes and/or opened-toe shoes---but I don't have a normal pair of brown shoes. So, I just grabbed a pair that provided the most foot coverage.

The place that I was working that day is about 25 minutes away from my home. As I pulled into the parking lot (much to my dismay) they had had no thaw and no one had completely bladed the parking lot, yet. I parked as close to the entrance of the building as I could. I sat there plotting the most intelligent entrance that I could make. The porch was all clear of snow, but I faced another dilemma. There were boats on display so they were blocking my path. There was only one thing to do----I took off my shoes and waded through the snow. This may sound insane to you, but it was a better alternative than falling and breaking my neck.

On most days, it is so busy, that no one notices when I arrive. Nooooo! Not this day! The UPS man was making a delivery. As he and I reached the entrance (at the same time, I might add), I had to redeem myself somehow. I acted like nothing unusual was happening. I shook my feet free of ice and bent down and put my shoes back on. When I stood up, my employer and 3 salesmen were standing in the doorway watching me. Of course, I heard all sorts of cute"She's wearing her cleats", "Now, there's a warm pair of shoes", "She plans on digging in". yudda, yudda. I just looked at them and (being the bleached blonde that I am) I said, "I don't have a pair of brown winter shoes. Black shoes would clash. And white is out of season."

Now I ask you, what did they find so funny?

P.S. Does anyone know where to buy a good stylish pair of brown winter shoes? LOL!

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  1. Well, well! Those toughened feet finally came in handy on the snow?! I never could see HOW you could slip off your shoes and walk on gravel or pavement! I guess it's 'cause "I" have trouble walking IN shoes, even! lol
    "BUY some boots!!!"