Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Could I Be the Next Betty Crocker?

I'm sitting here watching a cooking show. The food looks fantastic! But are you kidding me? Is it just me? Or do any of you make a little mess and get a little messy when you are baking? I mean, if I make a cake out of a mix.... there's little to no mess. But come on! Am I the only one that looks like a person who's been in a little bit of a wrestling match when they bake something completely from scratch? I dirty a few bowls...and oh Lordy!!! My counter has bowls and ingredients scattered all over it. And let me tell you, I sure don't look like this woman who is showing me how to make these fancy little puff pastries!!! Her kitchen is sparkling. She has perfect hair, perfect clothes (with no hint of flour anywhere on her outfit). She has a good manicure. And I want to know how she does this trick: She keeps reaching her spoon out into an area just outside of the eye of the camera and the spoon magically comes back with whatever ingredient she needs. Maybe that's my problem. The next time that I want to bake something, I'm going to get all fancied up. I won't get any of my ingredients together. I'll just put some elevator music on in the background and wave my spoons around in the air...and before you know it....Viola! A wonderful dessert for my family. And afterwards, I can go model for Vogue. Bon Apetite!!!


  1. Yes.. I always thought that was pretty cool how they got the exact amount of ingredients in a bowl. Or when they put something in the oven and one second later it was crispy and done.

  2. Betty Crocker is a magician.