Monday, January 12, 2009

Where Did the Time Go???

Every generation likes to revisit fashion , music, & styles of the previous generation. My dad graduated in 1954 and my mom graduated in 1957. They were married in 1957. Most of the kid's parents that were in Junior High with me were about the same age as my parents. I remember the night the first episode of "Happy Days" was aired on TV. Everyone went nuts. We all thought Fonzie was really cool. Saddle Oxfords became in high demand for the girls my age. Even the local area high school cheerleaders wore saddle oxfords as part of their uniform. A local radio station started playing "The Oldies." When I started singing songs from the 50's, my parents tried to hide their smiles. When I announced to them that I wanted a pair of saddle oxfords, they just looked at each other and shook their heads. My mom said she wished she would have saved hers for me. Sorry, Mom! That wouldn't have worked. There was a difference in our Saddle Oxfords. You see, in the 50's, my mom & her friends got their oxfords dirty---In the 70's, our oxfords had to be kept really clean.

Fast forward 30 years. When my daughter was in Junior High, she started liking styles and music from the 70's. Being that I was 10 years older than my mom was when I was that age...I approached my daughter revisiting my era with a different attitude. Some of it was fun...but there was some of it that I said "Absolutely NOT" to. My daughter is grown and out of school now and we survived the "70's fettish". She's a girl with her own taste and personal pride. So no damage was done.

The other night she brought home a People Magazine for me to see. It featured the fashion, music, movies, & TV shows of the 80s. OK. I'll admit that I miss some of the TV shows. But good grief!!!! Most of those styles & songs were hideous!!!! I can't wait to hear what my daughter's future children will say about the early 2000's. LOL!


  1. yep! This is the way it is! But I have to admit.. I never really got over the 70's fettish.. I'm still loving it.

  2. God's Word says life is but a vapor...
    I just enjoy His gifts every day now.
    Yep. The 70's could have been enjoyable...
    In different circumstances. ~sigh~
    My Dad SWORE that the series "Happy Days" was
    first aired in the 50's! No telling him otherwise!
    (Commenting backwards on your posts!)
    That's ME!