Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At Home Project

Mr. Chat is on vacation this week. We aren't going anywhere. In fact, in June , he and his oldest son are going to meet with his brothers in Texas for their annual fishing week. No! This week will be a working vacation as usual. We won't be going anywhere. But there is something getting accomplished that I have wanted done for over a year now.

No, I didn't club Mr. Chat over the head with a hammer!
When our house was built...I was much younger. My taste ran more on the contemporary side. All of my walls were painted white. I had silver carpeting and black furniture. It was pretty. I had a lot of compliments on it. But after 15 years...I was very tired of it. My daughter always said it looked SOOOO 90's. It did look pretty sterile. Most of our friends didn't seem to be able to get cozy, comfortable like we did in their homes.
So about a year and a half ago, I added colors to my walls and we bought new living room furniture. It really added warmth to our home. People tend to act more comfortable when they come for a visit now.
My problem....the silver carpet. About 6 months after I painted the walls...we finally found the floor with the colors and the design we liked. This was not as easy as it sounds. Shopping together can be quite a challenge for the two of us. Mr. Chat & I have the same taste in some things, while in other things, we simply do not have the same likes or ideas at all. Sometimes he thinks my tastes on certain things tend to run on the girly side. But that's not true at all. He has too much masculine tastes on some things. LOL! So when we found THE floor, we hurried and bought it before either of us had a chance to change our minds or talk the other one out of it. BUT It has been stored in our garage for almost a year because Mr. Chat has been working so many hours at work (and trying to finish random other projects he has started) that he hasn't had time to lay the new floor.
I had a surprise when I got home from work today. All of my furniture was piled in all of the wrong rooms and my carpet was rolled up and thrown into the bed of Mr. Chat's pickup. This is what I found when I walked through the front door-----I couldn't go through the garage door because my sofa is sitting in the garage!

YAY!!!! I will share the results with you when the floor is finished. Don't I have a good husband?


  1. As soon as I saw that empty floor I said "Yay"!!! WE said it together. :-) Can't wait to see the new floor.

  2. You threw that beautiful carpet out?? Girl, we'd have bought it! This is my second message to you! Our goofy computer ate the other one! :-(
    If Mr. Chat ever needs any help..."Uncle G" gets home nights, latest...about 7 p.m. except for Easter week, he has Tuesdays and Sundays off -- so far! (Hoping for overtime soon!)
    Love you, beautiful!