Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blowing Through

Well, I'm back. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I knew it would be. Let me give you a quick run down on what's been going on in my life.

For 10 weeks I juggled 2 part-time jobs with a full-time job. Do you know what I learned from that?-----I learned that I am NOT as young as I use to be. Whew! That sure took the wind out of my sails. Picture crossing Mario Andretti with an Accountant AND Jerry Lewis. That's what it felt like for the entire 10 weeks. Nuff said!

Those 10 weeks felt like 6 months. But eventually they were over. To say the least, I was exhausted. All I asked for was just a couple of days with nothing pressing to do. I needed some time to gather my thoughts and get my housework caught up. I had been doing the very basic house cleaning. If I could get a couple of hours with no interruptions, I needed to dig in deeper. Do you think I was allowed even a day? NO! The holidays were breathing down my neck. I was overwhelmed at the thought of Christmas shopping. But we had to get through Thanksgiving first. It gets even better! The day before Thanksgiving, Chatty's boyfriend informed me that he was going to propose to her--- and did he have my blessing?! Do you know what my first thought was??? I think it was something like, "Go away! That's my baby you're talking about!!" But I really like him so it could be much worse. Mr. Chat and I gave him our blessings. By the way, she said YES. They haven't set a date. I think they're trying to let me get use to the idea  get some things planned before the actual date is set.

The holidays are over now. Thank God!!! Last week, I finally had 2 days....(Count them. Fingers up, 1....2). TWO days to myself. The first day started like it does every morning. I sat down in front of the computer with a fresh cup of coffee. I checked my email, MSN News and FaceBook. I always finish my morning ritual by opening Blogger and reading what all of you have been up to. Just as I was going to close out and start my day, I decided to check out the Homes For Sale website. WOW!!!! I found THE perfect house. It was newly listed that morning. It had everything we were looking for. It was in a great location. The price was incredibly low for all this house and property had to offer. I couldn't believe it. I thought maybe it was a misprint. I saved the site to show to Mr. Chat when he got home from work. I decided to check my email again before closing out. A new email came in from our Real Estate Agent. She said she thought she found the perfect house for us. It was the same house I had found 10 minutes earlier. I thought it must be a sign from God. We hadn't been in contact with our realtor for almost a year. We had shelved the idea of moving. We all met later that evening to tour the house. I fell in love with it. The agent kept pushing us to make an offer. I told her that we couldn't possibly buy a house until we sold ours. Did I mention that we have not put our house on the market, yet? She informed me that I had absolutely NO time for that. The next day, Mr. Chat and I went to talk to the banker. The banker was more than happy to get us deeper in debt. That evening, my co-worker called me. I had to take a break from all personal business and pick up my paperwork. I was working on a tight deadline. About midway through my work project, our agent called to tell us that we had possible buyers for our house. Did I mention that we don't have our house listed for sale? I, again, thought it must be a sign from God. But wait! They want to see my house.....NOW?  Hmmmm...(This is the part where I sound like a spoiled child who wants everything their way). I told her that I couldn't possibly show my house for a couple of days. Wasn't she aware that I was deep into W-2s AND taxes AND end of the month AND end of the year, for goodness sake????? She then asked if I had pictures that I could send?..... WHAT???.... Yes, let me put on pearls while I glide around my perfectly clean home and snap a few photos. In all honesty, two of my rooms looked like a paper factory exploded in them. I had no time to clean them much less take pictures. I begged for 2 Days. I could almost feel the air turn to ice when I asked that question. But I had work to do so I just let the chips fall where they may. 2 days came and went. My year end paperwork was finished and filed. My house was spotless. I was waltzing around the yard and inside the house snapping pictures. I think I was even humming. (But darn! I forgot to put on my pearls). I did, however have my cell phone with me. It didn't even aggravate me at the fact that I had to stop snapping pictures and humming to look at a text message that was stubbornly beeping in my pocket. It was my Realtor. YAY!!! I thought of how pleased she would be when I told her that I had 30 pictures for her. Her text said, "The house you wanted is in contract". Her next text said, "I still want pictures of your house for the perspective buyers". I didn't even hesitate. Nope, I didn't even bat an eye. My response text to her was "If we have no house to buy, we're not interested in selling ours." Needless to say, it was a couple of days before she text me again. Surprisingly, she is not mad at me. We're still on speaking terms. She still wants to be our agent. So all is well.

Now I'm going to get a hot cup of coffee with a tablespoon of French Vanilla Cappacino added. Then I'm going to put my feet up and wait for the next big whirlwind to blow through.

How is your day going?

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  1. First.. Congrats onyour daughter's engagement. That's soooo exciting.

    And second, WOW- you really have been busy-- super busy. I can't imagine juggling 3 jobs at one time. And the crazinness on the houses. YOu had my head spinning.

    Hope things start to settle down for you. Happy New year, xo jj