Monday, March 18, 2013


HELP! I had a small computer crash. In order to save myself a few $$$s, I decided to fix it myself. One thing led to another....I ended up doing a system recovery. Ooops..I had never backed up my system. Which meant that my computer went back to the 2007 brand new version of itself.

I lost everything. I'm not computer literate so this has been quite a challenge. I spent the whole weekend restoring security and setting up my email stuff. (But I've lost all email addresses).

My problem is....I can see all of you on my dashboard, but I can't read your posts. I mean I can some of your writing but when I click in to read the full article all I get is your pretty backgrounds but no words come through. What is really baffling is 1 person on my blogger list comes through but all the rest of you stay hidden. I can't even see my own blog.

Does anyone have any suggestions or quick fixes????? HELP!!!!!

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  1. Whoa! I am so sorry. I have no idea what's wrong or what the fix would be but perhaps if you went to Blogger Help and asked for assistance from other bloggers??? I've tried that a few time and found success.
    Sorry for your hassle. Hope the computer fairy comes in the night and fixes everything ;-)
    xo jj